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Here’s Looking at you, New Haven

For months -- MONTHS -- I dreamt of nothing more than packing a bag and leaving town, but something continuously stood in my path: snow, Covid-19 variants, fear, anxiety, and most especially my lack of being vaccinated. On Saturday March 20, I received part one of my two part vaccination for COVID-19. (Since I know… Continue reading Here’s Looking at you, New Haven


#FAMSTERDAM2019 Continues

Welcome back for the final installment of #FAMSTERDAM2019 ! It warms my heart to know that part one didn't bore you and scare you away --- truly. The first half of our site-seeing adventures in Amsterdam were exciting (though I was pretty grumpy because of all the trams, bikes, cars, and Vespa-ish motorized bikes). I… Continue reading #FAMSTERDAM2019 Continues