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Sex/Life (2021, Netflix) // REVIEW

At 10:30pm on Wednesday night, I opened Netflix looking for something to fall asleep to and instead ended up bingeing the entire series SEX/LIFE and I have zero regrets. Run...do not walk, if you enjoy watching soft-core porn. If you're looking for romance and a great ship, then turn around because you won't find that… Continue reading Sex/Life (2021, Netflix) // REVIEW

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When Ghosts of the Past Come Calling

There's always going to be that someone whom you never think that you will hear from again. All it takes is one text message, phone call, Instagram follow/like...suddenly, they're back. And, it's never someone that you only lost touch with -- no -- it's the love of your life. It's the man that held your… Continue reading When Ghosts of the Past Come Calling

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Living in a state of quarantine

Quarantine has been hard. I haven't seen any friends -- in person or via Zoom/Houseparty/Skype/Facetime or whatever else the cool kids are using to communicate today. My job became completely remote, in March, when NYC shut down so I have been working, and until two months ago, I was in graduate school. Busy, busy, busy.… Continue reading Living in a state of quarantine


“And now, the chapter is closed and done”

Welcome to a new year, a new decade, a new chapter in my life. I'm a slightly happier, healthier, almost 27-year-old woman, working in a job she loves (that might actually blossom into a life-long career), spending time with friends and family that I admire and care about.Last year, when I was trying to picture… Continue reading “And now, the chapter is closed and done”