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It’s March…Again!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Can you believe it's back again? I can't. Actually, I feel like we never really left March, rather, it's become the longest month on record. Everyday of this pandemic has been March 12th, the day that my office (and many others in Manhattan) closed down before the state could shut down. But,… Continue reading It’s March…Again!


Unemployed, with a busy schedule

This past Monday marked my first week of unemployment. When I woke up on Monday, at first I felt relieved, but then I felt this overwhelming feeling of missing my job. For two years, I worked as part of a team for a company that I loved. I did interview for a new role within… Continue reading Unemployed, with a busy schedule

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January Reboot: Goal-setting, resolutions, and lifestyle changes

Happy New Year! If you're reading this, then that means you survived 2020 - Level 1 - now, proceed through the checkpoint to Level 2 (2021). Now that week one is behind us, I want to talk a little bit about looking ahead in 2021. I know, looking ahead might seem silly because the world… Continue reading January Reboot: Goal-setting, resolutions, and lifestyle changes


Staying Active with Aaptiv

I know that I've talked about Aaptiv here before, but it's completely changed how I think about fitness so I'll probably mention it a ton more! Since March 2019, I have had a membership with Aaptiv. I can use it anywhere, anytime, and this year I have even used it for sleepless nights. They have… Continue reading Staying Active with Aaptiv

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Taking Back Control

Starting Weight: 280 Current Weight: 274 Goal Weight: 200 When I started this weight loss journey in March of 2019, I weighed in at 280 lbs. I have horrible anxiety which is why I have been hesitant to share my journey on this blog. I've become comfortable making my life a little more public on… Continue reading Taking Back Control