None for me, thanks

Does being a woman automatically make me a mother? I'm already a mother to a 2-year-old Maine Coon cat. Isn't that enough? Later on, I started thinking about what might happen if my boyfriend and I do get our act together and settle down. I don't know that I have the wife gene either. What if settling isn't actually what I want? What if that's just the lie I have been telling myself because it's expected of me?

Anything Else

Things We Cannot Possibly Know

My little brother had this essay due for school: discuss something that impacted your life. He chose to write about a time in our lives where our family took a turn for the worse. We all fell apart. 2007. Jeanine was dead (throat cancer). Gia Gia was dead (mysterious stroke). Our favorite priest, Monsignor Tom,… Continue reading Things We Cannot Possibly Know