Staying Active with Aaptiv

I know that I've talked about Aaptiv here before, but it's completely changed how I think about fitness so I'll probably mention it a ton more! Since March 2019, I have had a membership with Aaptiv. I can use it anywhere, anytime, and this year I have even used it for sleepless nights. They have… Continue reading Staying Active with Aaptiv

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Taking Back Control

Starting Weight: 280 Current Weight: 274 Goal Weight: 200 When I started this weight loss journey in March of 2019, I weighed in at 280 lbs. I have horrible anxiety which is why I have been hesitant to share my journey on this blog. I've become comfortable making my life a little more public on… Continue reading Taking Back Control

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5K Training: Week 9

Earlier this year, I was training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon with my Nike Project NYC group. We were running together twice a week and attending movement classes at MOTIV NYC to learn how our bodies move. I bought new running sneakers and a Garmin Forerunner 45. Then, the world closed down - races were… Continue reading 5K Training: Week 9

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Physical fitness in a pandemic

I'm 161 days into my work-from-home / quarantine as the new daily standard and I've finally gotten into a routine. I wake up by 6am and meditate/journal, read a book, and have breakfast. I try to sit down at my computer for work by 9am and then I don't move until lunchtime. After that, I… Continue reading Physical fitness in a pandemic

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Four Ways to Work with a Private Trainer During Quarantine

It is day 35 of quarantine, and I’m sick and tired of being trapped inside my house. I’ve baked several different types of dessert, re-organized my entire closet, and purchased various pieces of workout equipment. Before quarantine, I was working out six times a week so it’s natural for me to want to stay active,… Continue reading Four Ways to Work with a Private Trainer During Quarantine