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FRAYED ENDS: A Randi Brooks Mystery (Book 1) by Sally J. Ling // Book Review

This is officially one of my new favorite cozy mystery series/authors! Seriously excited to share this one with all of you! In full disclosure and transparency, I was sent an advanced copy of this book by the publisher, Flamingo Press, for an honest review. The book is available now for pre-orders on Amazon in both paperback and for your Kindle. The copy that I received was an e-book.

Here’s a little bit about Frayed Ends

Leaving her hectic job as a news producer in Washington, D.C., was never part of Randi Brooks’ plan, but when she learns of her parents’ tragic deaths, she has no choice but to rush home to Boca Raton, Florida. When she finds out their deaths weren’t accidental, things take a turn toward the dangerous. Toss in a fire and theft at the family-owned fabric store and upholstery shop and an unscrupulous real estate developer willing to do whatever it takes to get her property, and things become deadly. To complicate matters more, a mysterious but handsome man living in the guest house and an attractive detective harboring a high school crush are both vying for Randi’s affection.

While Randi struggles to make some difficult decisions regarding her parents’ business, her job in D.C., and her conflicting feelings toward both men, the three of them must find out who murdered Randi’s parents before the killer strikes again.

Some of my own thoughts after reading…

Before the pandemic, I wasn’t much of an ebook reader nor was I super into cozy mysteries or mystery novels at all. However, during the pandemic, I signed up for free ebooks with and absolutely fell in love with cozy mysteries and became much more comfortable with using my e-reader more often.

Full disclosure – I received this e-book copy in exchange for a fair review. The author is someone who I met in my writing group through the Author’s Guild. After finding out that I love reading cozy mysteries, she asked if I’d like to be a reviewer for her upcoming book! Let’s get to it!

If you’re looking for a cozy mystery, with lovable characters with lots of heart and soul, then this is the book for you! It starts off a bit slowly for me, but eventually I got into the plot line. It took a couple of chapters for me to warm up to the protagonist, Randi Brooks, in an “Oh I am really interested in your story” kind of way. However, from page one I was inspired by her work ethic. It’s obvious that she is a career driven woman. She has worked her way through the ranks of her industry and, while she works long hours, she really loves what she is doing. I love the relationship she has with her neighbor and the romance that brews between her and Connor, her family’s sexy military tenant is drool-worthy. It’s a slow burn, frenemies to lovers kind of situation.

I’ve officially received book 2 from the author and am so incredibly excited about reading it while I am sitting on the beach next week.

Thank you to the publisher, Flamingo Press, and the author for sharing an ARC with me. I can’t wait to read book 2! You can purchase your copy of FRAYED ENDS on Amazon and be sure to follow the author on Instagram : @sallyjling !

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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