RAF Challenge – Week 6 – The Final Push

Welcome to the final week of the fat loss challenge. Last week – week 5 – wasn’t my best performance. I attended both of my personal training sessions and went to one extra class, but I really should have been at classes two other days also. When I don’t go to planned classes, I feel like I let myself down.

I also struggled with my eating last week. I wasn’t over eating or even snacking too much, more like I felt like I was working out and eating an amount of calories that was mostly maintaining my weight. Does that make sense? I also seriously struggled in the water department, which sucks. I promised myself that I would drink more water this week, but didn’t do so well with that. So, here I am, typing this post and sipping on my 64 fl.oz. water bottle every few sentences.

The end of the week was the absolute worst. So, I go to the gym for my session and then I come home and have breakfast and something made me horribly ill. I was throwing up for two hours straight. Every 20 minutes. It was the worst! There was a certain point where I was ready to ask my mom to take me to the emergency room, but I knew better. They would literally have nothing to say, no magic cure, so I just sat on my bathroom floor for two hours. Eventually, I felt okay enough to try and just lay down to sleep. After angling my head in a million different directions, I fell asleep and woke up feeling so much better.

The next morning was my weigh in day, which I probably shouldn’t have done, but I did. I weighed in at 269.8 lbs after a week of being stuck at 272 again. Even though we are in the last week of the challenge, I am going to make this the best week and then create a new plan for moving forward. I’ve been shirking my fitness responsibilities for a while now. I need to get back into my routines or find new ones that work for me. I want this to work. I want to lose the weight. I need to lose it!

Tomorrow, I am going to dive into the box of 310 Nutrition shakes that I purchased a while back, I think in like December. People tell me that they have had excellent results with those so why not actually try and see?

Okay…let’s try this again! My three promises to myself for this new week:

  1. Drink AT LEAST 64OZ of water a day
  2. Workout for at least 30 min every day
  3. Get to sleep by 11:30pm every night

Alright, fitness friends, that’s all I have for now. Sorry I have been the worst at updating this blog and my challenge notes. I never seem to know what to say, but I actually a lot to say. haha!

Leave a comment if you’re going through something similar or have any questions or tips!

Be the best you can be for yourself!


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