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It’s March…Again!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Can you believe it’s back again? I can’t. Actually, I feel like we never really left March, rather, it’s become the longest month on record. Everyday of this pandemic has been March 12th, the day that my office (and many others in Manhattan) closed down before the state could shut down. But, enough of the pandemic for now. There are GOOD reasons to celebrate that March is upon us. For one, it’s my birthday month. That’s right! In exactly eight days, I will officially turn 28 years old. While the celebration won’t be quite as elaborate (or expensive) as last year, it will certainly be fun. You have to make the most out of any reason to celebrate right now. Instead of drunk bowling and burgers, this year we will drink free wine at home, watch something wonderful on our DVR and most likely order in for the night. My family and I had discussed the idea of going out for dinner, but honestly, I just feel like staying home.

With a birthday looming, I can’t help but reflect on this entire year and all of the years prior. I love celebrating birthdays, except for my own. I’m strange, I know. I think that after I turned 18 and a lot of the girls in my school had boyfriends, I started to feel like I was missing something. FOMO was a thing before it was even a thing. Sometimes I feel like my birthday reminds me that I’m not quite as important to people as I like to think that I am, even to my own boyfriend when I had one. Twice, he no-showed on my birthday. That hurt me. But, I’ve accepted it.

The second reason to embrace March is because it is Women’s History Month! Women have played a vital role in, not only American history, but in world history and it’s so great that we take the time to honor them for their contributions. The Smithsonian Institute and the Library of Congress are hosting some excellent virtual events all month long. If you’re interested in seeing what’s going on, then head to Each Wednesday, I’ll share an important woman on social media for my #womencrushwednesday !

The third reason that I love March is because it’s National Sleep Awareness Month. Do you know what affects your sleep patterns? Do you track your sleep? The clocks will change again soon in the US and we are going to lose that precious hour that we gained in November. This makes a bigger difference to our bodies than you might realize! I’ve suffered from insomnia my entire life. Sleep does not come easily for me so all month, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks for falling asleep or creating a calming atmosphere in my sleep space! Stay tuned here and on my Instagram page @stephaniefidis for more information.


February was rough. I didn’t realize it when the month started, but I entered the boxing ring without any wraps, no gloves, and the hits just kept coming. Remember how I said that I lost my job? Well, I had been in the process of applying and interviewing for a new role within the company, just in a different division, and I wasn’t selected as the candidate in the end. I mean, of course, I always knew that this was a possibility. I guess that I kept hoping and praying that they would want me because of all the referrals from inside the company. It was upsetting because I loved the job that I had and because I’ve wanted nothing but to work for this company since I was 16 years old (pre-merger!). It’s heartbreaking when your dream company lets you go because of something that was completely out of your control.

ANYWAY, there were a few positives from February:

  • Attended Zumba Toning/Functional Training classes 4x a week
  • Slowly increased the amount of water I drink everyday (I’m not quite where I need to be, yet, but it’s a process. I am awful about drinking my water haha!)
  • Tracked every single thing that I ate — even when it was a 10 pc of Burger King’s nuggets. I LOVE nuggies!
  • I found new ways to improve the quality of my sleep by leaving my phone far away from my bed, taking my Sugar Bear Hair Sleep Vitamins every single night, keeping the room cooler than normal, and listening to sleep meditations as I am settling into bed each night.
    • The sleep vitamins are non-habit forming and contain only 8 all natural ingredients, including melatonin.

At the start of the year, I had purchased the Confidant Guided – Wander Dream Journal from Baron Fig, and it has really helped me on those nights that my dreams are super vivid and wake me up. It’s helped to me quickly fall back asleep by writing down what I can remember from that dream immediately, following the steps on the page and then closing my eyes again. I first heard about this company in an Instagram story promo of Emily Abbate’s and I am really glad that I made this purchase!

Since I’ve been working on my sleep habits, my body’s natural alarm clock wakes me up at 5:50 am every single day. I don’t get why it picked that particular time, but it did haha! Now, I need to work on getting to bed earlier than I have been. When I lived in New Haven, my bedtime could be no later than 10:30pm. If I got to bed later than that, I would not wake up in time for the morning commute. Since the day that I was laid off from my job, it’s become easier for me to find any excuse to stay up late. Now that I have started streaming and gaming more than I had been, I stay up until midnight two-three nights a week! I need to reign in these bad habits now, before I find a new job and it becomes a problem. Working from home is all fun and games until you over sleep and don’t have to commute. You might be saying, “And that’s a problem, why?” Well, generally, it might not be; however, when I oversleep and have to leap from my bed to my computer, I find that I am un-productive and groggy for the remainder of the workday. It’s bad for business and bad your health. I don’t want this post to become an analysis of sleep because I am working on writing something more for next week. Remember, March is Sleep Awareness month!

All of that was the incredibly long-winded way of saying that sleep is important and so my goals for this month are as follows:

  1. Stream my gameplay earlier in the evening so that I can get into bed by 10:30pm every night.
  2. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink 64 fl. oz. on non-exercising days and 135 fl. oz. on days when I am working out.
  3. Creating more space and time for mindfulness, especially since I am unemployed right now. I’ve taken steps to schedule journaling time into my mornings, Aaptiv sleep meditations at night, and I am working on cleaning up enough space in my room so that I can get back to doing Yoga in the afternoons.

Today’s mission: Walk into Planet Fitness to cancel my membership because I am not currently going to physical gyms. Yes, you read that correctly – I have to PHYSICALLY go to the gym to cancel my account and tell them that I don’t want to come to the gym anymore. It’s bullshit, but apparently we are still living in the year 2002 when Chandler and Ross couldn’t cancel their gym memberships.

Please pray for me — that’s about to be me!

Alrighty folks, have a great Thursday! Hug yourself, mask up, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and as always, be kind to yourself and others!

Stay beautiful!


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