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Remember to Love Thyself

It’s Valentine’s Day — my least favorite day of the year, but also a day that I have always celebrated by myself. Last year, I spent it at home watching You’ve Got Mail, with a glass of white wine, after having cooked myself dinner. The year before that, I attempted to cook my mother dinner and ended up overcooking the heart shaped Ravioli because I stopped paying attention to them. (Macaroni can be fickle like that). The year before that, I sat in my apartment — just the cat and I — watching The Office with a personal pot of spaghetti, sparkling water, a pack of cigarettes and my tears. Yes, I used to smoke, and no, my then boyfriend and I did not spend that day together. Par for the course. Last year was the best Valentine’s day/night that I ever had, if I’m being honest. This year, I’m surprising some gal pals with boxes of goodies that I know they will enjoy! Other than that, I’m just home that day.

But, I’m not going to spend the day dwelling on the fact that I’m single and crying myself through a bag of Hershey’s minis. No, what I have planned is something to celebrate and embrace my singleness and enjoy the time that I have with myself. Barring another snowstorm, I have a lovely morning walk planned. Then, I’m going to treat myself to a quick breakfast at my local diner before heading back home where I will then enjoy a home spa day — facial before my shower, mani/pedi post-shower. It’s going to be so great just to pamper myself! After that, I have a date with a stack of books and a glorious nap. It’s going to be the best damn nap that I have ever taken.

Self-care is so important, especially this year, and I am taking fully advantage of the fact that I am committed only to myself right now. I remember the stress of trying to celebrate valentine’s day with my significant other — it was no fun! Mostly because we were a mess, but partially because I put too much pressure on a day on the calendar. So now I’m enjoying a pressure free day. Do I sometimes wish that I had someone to spend the day with? Sure, but being single has been so incredibly freeing…especially during this pandemic. I can’t imagine trying to date someone right now.

So, to all the people flying solo today — DON’T PANIC! I’m right there with you and we will be okay. Embrace the day, it’s just like any other. Pick one activity that you can do that’s strictly for you, whether that’s Yoga or spending the day in bed with your vibrator. If it makes you feel good, do it. If it shows that you love yourself, do it.

If you need me, I’m here for you!


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