New Year, New Faces: Welcome!

My recent post created a lot of buzz within my little blogosphere so I am here to welcome all of the new faces! Welcome, welcome, to my page and to my semi-wild life. Since I wrote a similar passage in the early fall, I’ll keep this memoir brief, haha! Some of the details of my life haven’t changed any and I share A LOT of my day on Instagram (@stephaniefidis) and you can follow me there for more.

I’m Stephanie! I’m 27, back at living at home with my parents, two siblings, and a crazy half-breed Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest cat. He’s four years old and a Connecticut native. Cooper loves treats, sleeping with his feet on my pillows and loves to run around knocking stuff over — standard cat stuff.

My family during our very different New Year’s Eve celebration at home. Who says quarantine can’t be fun?

I’ve been radio silent these last few weeks and I’m sure that some people are wondering why. The beginning of 2021 has not been kind to my family: I lost my job, three family members contracted Covid-19 (even though we are super cautious about when and where we go and almost never leave home), and my mother had to cancel her vaccination appointment because of her Covid diagnosis. Bummer! For many weeks, my younger sister and I were running the entire house and tending to the needs of the infected people in our home. Luckily, we only have one remaining sick person and he is on the mend. I’ve been quarantined inside of my home since January 18 and to make matters worse, it keeps snowing, haha! I’m sitting at my desk watching the snow steadily falling and accumulating, as I write this. Welcome to New York.

Since losing my job though, I’ve been trying to keep busy so I’ve done some goal evaluations for the year. A few of my 2021 Goals are as follows:

  • Find a new job (again)
  • Live for myself and not for others
  • Follow my bliss
  • Write as often as I can

I have a couple of leads on jobs and already interviewed for a new position within my same company (fingers crossed that I get it!) I’m taking the job search slowly, if I’m being honest. Not that I can really afford to do that, but I just spent the last two years working longer hours than ever before, so a month of down time can’t be that detrimental, right? Applying for jobs is the absolute worst, let’s just be honest. Plus, I can spend some time on a few projects that I have decided to undertake.

  1. I’m launching a Twitch gamer stream, weekly, from my PS4. While I haven’t decided what new game I want to play and stream, I know one of them is going to be from the Uncharted series. I’ve played all of those games about a million times so it will be a nice intro for my viewers.
  2. The creative juices started flowing again so I am working on my book as well as trying to keep up more regularly with this blog! Every year I tell myself “this is the one” and every year I fall down on the job. Well, no more! This is my year! Let me know in the comments if there is any particular content you’re interested in seeing.
  3. Reading one book a week. I’m REALLY trying to clean out my bookshelves by reading what I own. It’s a slow project because I am a book sloth by nature, but I’m committed. When I move in the spring (barring any future disasters), I do not want to have to pack ten extremely heavy boxes of books, nor do I want to have to find space for all of them.

So, there. Those are my three focus projects for my downtime. Who knows…maybe I’ll finally finish my book, find an agent, sign a huge book deal with a major publisher, receive a solid advance, and sell millions of copies! Lol! It could happen!

Welcome, again! We will chat soon!

Be kind.

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