December Goals

Officially, there are only 32 days left to the end of this TERRIBLE year. November was a complete wash for me, but December is about to be my power month. I’m thinking about some of the goals that I set for myself for my health, my career, and both financially and spiritually.

  • Drinking 64 fl.oz. of water each day and cutting out excessive sweets/fast foods
  • I’m trying to workout 4-5x a week like I used to do, and I am building my own HIIT Boxing routines while my trainer is out of town.
  • Prospecting more new customers, reaching out to more lapsed accounts, and sending more campaigns for new products
  • I’m hoping to save $1,200 between my two paychecks this month towards my apartment hunt in the Spring.
  • Take more time out of each day for mindfulness minutes before starting work.

I purchased a new 64 oz water bottle in October to try and encourage myself to work on hydrating more often because it’s something that I am terrible about. Towards the end of November, I noticed that there was three straight days that I didn’t actually drink water. Instead, I indulged in Iced Teas, Lemonade, and hot teas. I know that many people count tea in their water consumption for the day, but I don’t.

All year, I have been super focused on fitness goals: water guzzling, steppity-stepping, exercising 4-5x a week…etc. Well, I finally gave myself permission to take the day off for Thanksgiving. I didn’t count calories, didn’t worry about meeting any step goals, didn’t stress about finishing off my 64oz water jug. I just enjoyed the holiday with my family. On Monday, we will start fresh with calorie counting and watching macros, especially my fat intake. This weekend is for the three F’s: Family. Food. Fun.

This post was kind of short, I know, but I just wanted to check in briefly. Hopefully you all had a lovely holiday, even thought it might not have been with family and friends.

Remember…always practice compassion and kindness. Be patient with yourself.

Have a great day!

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