Staying Active with Aaptiv

I know that I’ve talked about Aaptiv here before, but it’s completely changed how I think about fitness so I’ll probably mention it a ton more! Since March 2019, I have had a membership with Aaptiv. I can use it anywhere, anytime, and this year I have even used it for sleepless nights. They have so many programs that have helped on this journey. There are hundreds of workouts spread through 13 different categories. You can save these to custom lists, of which I have made a few, but they have also worked on building out their program offerings. Right now, I am participating in 4 different challenge groups, which might seem crazy to some, but it helps me stay engaged and excited to workout.

Out of the four, my favorites are “A Week of Walks” and “10 Day Ab Challenge”. I love going for walks – outdoors and on a treadmill – so this challenge was a no-brainer for me! The ab challenge has been the hardest for me because I have such awful core strength, but the only way to improve that is to continue doing things that really engage the core. So…we keep on pushing through it. Haha!

My absolute favorite workout series through Aaptiv has been the “100’s Challenge”. Each workout is 100 reps of whatever the exercise is for the day: push-ups, squats, sit-ups, lunges, plank (100 seconds), bridges, leg lifts, and calories (not too sure what this one is. I think they added it more recently). I have these saved in a list of favorited workouts and I like to do them when I feel like my body needs to be pushed to sweat. I like to use these more difficult workouts in tandem with what I have learned with my boxing instructor: continuous movement for 3-4 minute rounds each .

I started my sweat session with the 100 squat challenge. I reached 94 tonight (I wrote the wrong number in my journal). What I love is that they break it up nicely so that you can tackle the squats in chunks rather than saying okay, time to do 100 squats…good luck lol. The split is 10/20/30/40. After my squats, I did a 100 second plank and oh my god was that a pain in the arms! By 45 seconds, my whole body was shaking. I did all I could to keep from landing on my knees at one point and I wanted to give up and surrender to my weak core muscles. BUT I DID NOT! I heard my trainer in my head cheering me on and reminding me that the pain I was feeling wasn’t bad and that I couldn’t surrender to it.

After all of that torture (haha!) I moved onto a workout of my own design. I did two rounds, 3 minutes each, of alternating reverse lunges, mountain climbers, and toe taps. I had planned to do some push-ups as you can see there, but I decided against it because I was exhausted and the Presidential Debate was starting on tv. My chair and a delicious Rum & Coke were singing my name.

Let’s hope and pray that I wake up on time today to go for my morning walk before work. If you’ve been thinking about using Aaptiv, but have been hesitant to sign up, feel free to reach out to me with any questions. It’s changed my life in such a great way and I know you will love it too!

Hug your families. Be kind!


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