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5K Training: Week 9

Earlier this year, I was training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon with my Nike Project NYC group. We were running together twice a week and attending movement classes at MOTIV NYC to learn how our bodies move. I bought new running sneakers and a Garmin Forerunner 45. Then, the world closed down – races were canceled, practices were canceled, we were all forced to become hermits, and I stopped training for my race. I didn’t stop running, but I stopped running with a purpose. Race day came and went and I promised myself that eventually I would get back into race day prep mode.

In July, I decided to start training for a personal 5k with a custom plan through my Garmin watch. The first day, I started with a benchmark run. Each run since then has been Walk/Run repeats of varying time lengths on the treadmill. Before my bad knee started swelling again, I was interval running about 1 mile in 29 minutes. Not great, I know, but training takes time.

Now, here we are – week 9 – and my running was horribly interrupted for a period of time. Tonight, I finally threw on my running shoes and gave it my best effort. I covered half a mile in 29 minutes — 8 rounds of walk/run intervals ; 2 minutes walking / 1 minute continuous running. A few things went wrong tonight: my sneakers felt tight, my right foot started going numb, I couldn’t find my breathing rhythm, my arms were pumping weirdly, and my head wasn’t focusing on running.

Mentally, I was elsewhere, but physically I was horribly uncomfortable. I ended up walking the rest of the workout which really bugged me. I hate having to essentially start from scratch, but I know that I can’t give up on myself. I’ll get back to where I was. My body just needs to take a little time to re-acclimate to the activity.

I have various pairs of running shoes and the ones I wore tonight (shown in the photo) are the Asics Gel Excite 6 – Women’s size 11 (currently $49.95 on their website). When I first started running, these sneakers were so comfortable. I’ve only had them about 6 months, and I haven’t put that many miles on them. They don’t feel cushioned enough for my feet and I feel like they are squeezing the sides of my feet. I also feel like these socks that I am wearing these days might be thicker than other athletic ones that I have, which could be causing that tight feeling. Is that possible? Can someone let me know?

Even though my feet were killing me, I’m glad that I haven’t gotten shin splints in a long time. When I first started running, it didn’t matter how long I stretched for prior to running, my shins would be on fire by the end of it. They used to hurt so badly that I couldn’t walk. Horrible! My treadmill is also super old, which I think might be showing its age more these days because I have been running on it more and more. We have a Proform 540 LS and it’s probably about 15 years old at this point. I remember going to Sears with my dad and older sister to select a treadmill. I don’t recall picking this specific one, but I remember I ran around the showroom floor jumping on and off of various pieces of workout equipment, not knowing how to use a single one. In all its years, this treadmill has never been used as much as it has been in the last five. My mom is finally getting her money’s worth! Sorry, mom!

So, week 9 is really more like week 1. My personal 5K is supposed to be on October 7. Even if I end up walking the whole thing, I’m going to complete it. Tomorrow starts week 10 of training so I’m not ready to throw in the towel on running during these exercises. I’m going to swap my running shoes and socks and see if it makes a difference.

Today I have a 5.8 mile walk planned. I’ll be heading out around 6:30 or 7am. Nothing like a long Sunday morning walk to start the week! Are you training for anything right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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