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Weekend in the Country

It’s finally here – my best friend’s wedding! No, I’m not Julia Robert’s and I am not planning on stealing the groom. While he might be my oldest friend, I don’t harbor any unresolved romantic feelings for him and, anyhow, this is not a 90’s rom-com.

Today, I boarded the Adirondack Trailway bus and embarked for Oneonta, NY – just make a right at the cow patch, trust me. I was on the bus from 8:30 am until about 1:30 pm, since there were a few hundred stops and we made one 20 minute stop in Kingston, where I was able to run to CVS, grab a bag of trail mix, buy a card for the bride and groom, and get some cash at the ATM. All the things I was supposed to do BEFORE getting on the bus at Port Authority but was too lazy to do because I had a suitcase and over-sized stuffed backpack with me. Did I mention I am lazy? The ride itself was quite uneventful – the driver was funny, the girl sitting next to me was nice, and we really hit no traffic on our way up to Oneonta. We drove through a few cute looking towns that I recognized – one town is where a customer of mine has his store – Hunter, NY.

The wedding is not until Sunday, but when I made my reservations for the bus and hotel, I decided to come up here a couple of days early and RELAX! While I was just on vacation, I came back feeling equally as tired as when I left and that’s not how it should be, so this is my redemption vacation. So far, it’s going well! I only answered one work email and one phone call, but other than that, I have not touched my work emails. Tomorrow, after my workout, I think I will tackle some work stuff, but I won’t push it.

Some of the pros to not having a license or car to drive up here are not worrying about your car, paying for gas, or about having to make the journey alone in the car, but a major con has been that stuff is kind of inaccessible up here without a vehicle to use. Uber is basically non-existent, taxi’s aren’t piling up outside scrambling for fares, and there are not many options or places to go. Luckily, when I arrived at my hotel, I was able to check in and put my stuff in the room, before figuring out the food situation. I am staying at the Holiday Inn Express – Oneonta. The room is huge, the bed is one of the softest things I have laid down on in a long time, and the bathroom is leaving me with enormous shower envy because I want to take it home with me. The fitness center is pretty decent – I have already worked out in it once – and they have an indoor pool! The hotel is kind of hidden away from the main road because it is up this long, windy, hill type of road and so everything is a far walk, down the large hill, to civilization. There’s not many food options nearby – Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonald’s, Subway, and Applebee’s it seems; however, I found this place called Humphrey’s Gourmet To-Go to where I could have food delivered from for lunch.

I ordered a Caesar Salad to save for dinner, but for lunch I devoured a Chicken Club Wrap with a side serving of Broccoli-Cheddar Soup (meh) and Garlic Mashed Potatoes (decent). I might re-order the Caesar Salad tomorrow because I was really impressed with it. The soup definitely needs work. It tasted more like salsa and you could totally see that it was just oil and water. It had zero consistency, as it should normally. Afterward, I fell into a three-hour food coma, then went to the gym for an hour, and took a shower. Now, I will fall into the most comfortable sleep known to man, read one of the three books I packed this weekend and hopefully wake up on time for breakfast in the morning.

Until then, folks!

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