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‘Ocean City, Maryland – Open for it’

On Wednesday, my family and I returned from a 5-day beach vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. This is our third trip to Ocean City and hope there are many more trips like these in our future! My vacation this last time was the first time that I ever wore bikinis on the beach, or in public for that matter. It was the most exciting thing for me! The waves were perfect and there was little to no seaweed to be seen for miles! We arrived there late Saturday night, had a late-ish dinner and then walked back to our hotel room to hang out before bedtime. Sunday morning, I woke up at 8:00 to go for a quick run on the boardwalk.

Fun fact: The Ocean City boardwalk is only really 2.45 miles long, 
but some like to round it up to 2.5 miles.

My sister and I walked about a half-mile up the boardwalk and then we ran back in two block intervals. The air was thick and muggy so running for longer than one block at a time was difficult, but I managed for a little while. There was so much fog that we couldn’t see the sun, but you could tell that it was about to be a scorcher on the beach. Our family stayed in the Dunes Motel, which is part of the Dunes Hotel and Suites. We walked back to the main hotel building for free coffees and ice water to cool down before heading back to the motel to prepare for day one at the beach! As we suspected, it was extremely hot and sunny on the beach – UV index was already at a nine and it was only 11:00 in the morning. We set up our camp and proceeded to the water’s edge. The ocean was freezing cold, but my skin was soothed and the sun didn’t feel as harsh because the of the cool ocean spray as the waves crashed in front of us. I never go in further than ankle deep water levels, but sometimes the waves would crash higher, which is typically when I retreated back to my beach chair.

We all stayed on the beach until about 3:00 pm, which is when the hotel hosts a tea-time. We used this opportunity to switch to the pool/hot-tub area. The last time we were in Ocean City, most of us were teens or at least in our early 20’s. Now, one of us is married and we are in our early/late 20’s. I can’t remember the last time I went swimming in the pool and then just laid out in the sun. It felt so good to just soak up the rays of the summer sun, book in hand, and feeling totally relaxed. At a certain point, I went back to the hotel room to get showered and dressed for dinner. We ate at the 28th Street Pit & Pub, a popular bbq joint near the water. It wasn’t too crowded – which I loved – and it had a very relaxed atmosphere. From the outside, it looks like it’s just a bar, but the food was so delicious and the wait staff was great! The rest of my group played a board game, while I attempted to read my book.

The skies were a little more grey the next couple of days, but still I have sunburns because it was so incredibly hot! All of my sunscreen melted from my skin and I didn’t think to re-apply. Our beach days were cut short because of rain/thunder storms, which led to beach evacuations around 3:00 pm – just in time for tea, but unfortunately this meant it was more crowded inside the hotel. So, while we couldn’t continue hanging out on the beach, we still had a lovely dinner at Phillips Crab House and then back at the Pit & Pub!

On our last full day in Ocean City, I went for a morning run by myself on the boardwalk at 6:00 am so that I could enjoy watching the sun rising over the water. It wasn’t as humid as the first day that I tried to run, but it was hot and I got so sweaty that my body begged me to go sit someplace. So I went to the hotel for a coffee and ice waters. I sat and read a book on my phone for a little bit before heading back to the motel – I wanted a bit more alone time to appreciate being on vacation just a little bit longer. As it is, I had to work while I was on vacation so I never truly felt relaxed, but I wanted those few minutes to be me and the ocean breeze…and ice water, ha! We got onto the beach around 10:00 am, I spent some time down by the water and then attempting to get as much of a tan as possible. With the sun hiding behind the morning clouds, it was a little impossible, but my already existing burns sure appreciated those sunless moments.

So funny story – the entire time I was down there, my best friend kept saying like “Oh, I’m going to come visit you in Ocean City” and I joked like oh well I guess I have to get another room because my family is leaving Wednesday. I don’t know why I wasn’t taking him seriously because it turns out that he actually is spending time in Ocean City with some of our friends this weekend and now I am back in New York. I wish I had believed him because I definitely would have stayed an extra couple of days down there. Oh well. Why didn’t I believe him? I love it down there and honestly I would move there tomorrow if I could and spend the rest of my life on the beach in my bikini. Unfortunately, I hear that Ocean City really isn’t a great place to live. Sigh.

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