Week 3: Intermittent Fasting & Tracking Food

My current weight is 280 lbs – it might even be slightly less than that, since I have not formally weighed myself in a few weeks. My goal weight, in the short term, is 200 lbs by December of 2019. Dropping 80 lbs in less than a year is no easy feat. I have been using my detox teas and working out more with the help of Aaptiv, but now I am working on my diet and watching what I eat. At Christmastime, my uncle told us about his Intermittent Fasting plan, and he has been steadily losing weight and feeling better holistically. I found this website, Like most websites now, they have you take a 60 second quiz, in order to get to know you and your habits better. This helps the program tailor a personal fasting plan to your lifestyle. Based on my responses, I was assigned a 16:8 Fasting Diet – 16 hours of fasting : 8 hour eating window.

There are many different ways of incorporating fasting into your lifestyle and diet routine.

16:8 – Fasting for 16 hours a day

I start my weekday mornings at 6 am. I’m on a train by 7:20, and then I am in my office by 8:30. After I check my emails, I go and brew my #TeamiSkinny and fill my 32 oz water bottle. During your period of fasting, which is typically between 14-16 hours, you can drink tea, water, and coffee – anything without calories. Since your body is awake and moving and your brain is working hard, your body will try to convince you to eat something. I use this window of time – 6 am – 1 pm to drink all 20 oz of my tea and drink 1 water bottle. My 8 hr eating window begins at 1 pm, at which time I eat a healthy lunch and refill water and teas. I’ve been bringing leftovers, in efforts to try to save money and calories. Right before leaving my office (around 4:45 / 5 pm), I will eat a healthy snack – trail mix, granola bar, or some sun chips from the office stash. I like to eat the Sun Chips in the afternoon because they are a healthier option than what I want…which is a slice of chocolate cake. Instead, I am eating a tasty, multi-grain single serve bag of chips that only costs 140 calories.

5:2 – Eating Normally for 5 days and Fasting for 2 days

The two days of fasting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat anything at all for two whole days. It means to eat two small meals (500 calories) for 2 days

24-hr Fast 2 days a week (Eat-Stop-Eat)

This method works for many people trying to lose weight because you’re drinking more water and not snacking all at. For this one, you would eat one normal sized meal and then wait 24 hours to eat again. For example: If you have dinner at 7 pm on Sunday, then you wouldn’t eat until dinnertime on Monday night.

Fasting Every Other Day

This method is not recommended for someone who is just beginning the fasting experience, since you would be going to bed hungry many times during the week.

The Warrior Diet

This fasting method is where you eat small meals of fruits and veggies during the day time, and then you feast during your 4-hr eating window at night.

Skipping Meals

This method is less structured and is completely at the discretion of the faster. You don’t need to skip the same meals every day. The biggest component is ensuring that the meals you do have are full of good food and not junk.

Another important aspect of weight loss and diet is tracking everything that you eat and drink during the day. I do this using MyFitnessPal. I use their app on my iPhone, but you can login and submit information through the website as well. I also have this synced with my phone’s health tracker as well as my Fitbit. Based on my fitness goals and the number of days that I work out, I am supposed to consume close to 2,100 calories a day. Now, this doesn’t mean that I can just pack in the bad foods – that’s not how that works, haha! It means I should fill my body with the foods that will help fuel my body for a workout and keep me moving during my day. Since I am fasting, I don’t eat breakfast, but I do drink my first 32 oz of water for the day. Water is key, especially in weight loss! At around 1, I will eat my lunch and I try to bring in leftovers from home or grab a healthy salad in the lunchroom. I avoid too many snacks like the plague, except for my trail mix (Archer Farms Peanut Butter Monster). The serving size is 1/4 cup, which is about 4 teaspoons, but sometimes I will have two servings as an extra treat.

I try my best to keep dinners light and as healthy as possible, but sometimes that can’t happen. As I keep going, I am searching for more and more healthy recipes to keep my eating habits as clean as possible!

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