Week 2: Working Out

Last week, I talked about using the Teami Detox Teas. This week, I incorporated new workout routines and activities. I have two gym memberships: Planet Fitness and Title Boxing Club . Planet Fitness is for my cardio and strength exercises. I have a Black Member Card there, which is $21.99 a month, so that I can go to any gym across the country! This makes my work out flexible to my time and my needs because I can just pop in and out of any franchise! When I go to the gym, I tend to go to 27th street, near Penn Station. It’s kind of off-the-beaten-path and most members in this area will frequent the 35th street location. I don’t prefer that one because it’s always overcrowded and the weights are lined up too close to the elliptical machines. A guy hit me with his weights one time and yelled at me…for being on the elliptical. My normal location is the one in Carle Place, on Long Island, because it’s closest to home. Some other great perks that come with this membership are access to the massage chairs and tanning booths. After arm and leg day, nothing feels better than a hydro massage! At Planet Fitness, I usually keep my workout simple: Elliptical Trainer (15-30 min), strength machines (10 min…especially the seated row machine) and then I do a short walk on the treadmill (10-15 min). Typically, I enjoy working out with just the music and myself, but sometimes you want a group class to spice things up a bit. The only issues I have with Planet Fitness is that you don’t have the option of working with someone 1-on-1 and not every location has the space for classes or group workouts. So, I found a space where I could incorporate more cardio, specifically boxing, into my routine.

Before the holidays, I went to a trial class at the Midtown East Title Boxing location. The owner was running the class and I was dying to finally get some time in punching that bag. The class is tough – I won’t sugarcoat that. Even if you’re fit, you’re dying by the end of class and sweat is just pouring off every inch of your body. Each session starts with a 15-minute warm up, then 45-minutes of bag time, and then ends with a cool down (which I can almost never finish because my body hurts and smells, which leads to my embarrassing efforts to ditch the end of class). As part of a Black Friday special, this past Thanksgiving, I enrolled as a month-to-month member of Title Boxing Club here in Manhattan. The membership is a little pricey ($139.00/month…yikes!), but you have the option to pause it for 3 months at a time, any time you need. So, when January came and I wasn’t really in the mood to trek to the other side of town in the cold, I paused the account. I currently have one month left on it, so that means my butt will be back in front of that bag come May.

If you’ve never tried boxing before, I really recommend it, especially if you struggle with any kind of mental illness(es). I suffer from anxiety, depression, and (more often than not) severe anger and aggression. Boxing was a way for me to express those without hurting someone and sweating the way you do during class leaves my body feeling loose and almost weightless. My ex-boyfriend loved to box. When we first started dating, he belonged to a club and would try and teach me moves just for fun. I wanted to learn so that it could be something we did together, when I would go visit him. We were fighting a lot by the time I enrolled in my classes, and I used boxing as a way of releasing the tension of our toxicity so that I wouldn’t scream at him over the phone or text him something I would soon regret.

Since I haven’t been in the mood to go to the gym straight from work lately, I have been using my new best friend – Aaptiv! You have to be a member to use it, but trust me – once you finish with the 7-day free trial, you won’t want to let it expire. At $99.99 for an annual membership, how could I let it expire?

It’s an app on my Iphone that’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket at all times. I’ve used it for a few different activities so far: interval training with the treadmill, shadowboxing, squats, and dumbbell workouts. With the app, I was able to easily sort through the intermediate and advanced level courses so that it shows me only Beginner workouts for now. I have been using it consistently for two weeks and I have started training for a 5K on the weekends, completing the 100 Squat Challenge on Wednesdays, and lifting hand weights while I watch television with the family on the days in between. This app makes working out so much more convenient. You don’t even need a gym or equipment for many of them! I am leaving for Amsterdam next week so this will keep me accountable to my workout. It’s right on my phone…how could I not?

With each day pre-planned, there’s no way I can make excuses to not workout. I am trying to lose 60lbs by Christmas 2019. I have the motivation and the tools, but I am still battling some inner demons that I can’t wait to expel!

Go now – workout and be merry! Interested in testing these exercises and this app? Try out a guest pass!

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