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Week 1: Teami 30-Day Detox Challenge

A new month means a new health regimen. In the past, I have tried to implement alterations at the same time, but I have never seen the results I am hoping for. This is probably because I try to do too much and change too many things at one time, and I have never been a fan of change. So far, 2019, has been a year of learning from past mistakes so I am taking life one week at a time, on a macro-life scale. I am starting off March with the #MarchDetoxChallenge from Teami Blends. The detox involves two teas – Skinny and Colon, and both are meant to help cleanse and settle your digestive system. Ultimately, the Skinny blend is an appetite suppressant and you are meant to drink it almost immediately upon waking up in the morning. To fit my day-to-day routine, I modified this slightly. I get to my office around 9:15 every morning so I leave two Teami blends there for the week: my Teami Skinny and Teami Focus.

These are all loose teas so Teami provides you with a tumbler that has a strainer inside of the lid so that you don’t need to worry about removing the leaves before you can drink it. They also provide a You scoop one teaspoon of the tea into a mug or your tumbler and steep it for about 3-5 minutes. I never remove my leaves because you can re-use them up to 3-4 times during the day so I am constantly re-filling my tumbler with hot water! By doing this, I find that the Skinny Blend works best for me. There have been times in the past where I have removed the leaves after the five minutes and I find the tea is too light and doesn’t do anything for me. At around 3:00, I will switch over to my Focus blend because it helps me power through the remainder of my day.

They have an entire beauty line: face masks, facial sprays, essential oils, face creams, etc. Everything is organic and they have a nice range for different skin types! A Detox Starter Pack is priced at $79.99 and it includes: Teami Skinny, Teami Colon, the 30 day detox calendar, the 13.5 oz tumbler, and the tea infuser. Use stephaniekatherine10 at checkout for discounted purchases!

I am already down five pounds and I know that if I continue a healthy diet, along with the teas, then I will lose 70 lbs by December 2019!

I own two of these colorful tumblers and soon I will possess a third. Since I am a Teami Ambassador I will be receiving a beautiful baby blue colored 20oz tumbler in the mail any day now. Give these teas a try, snag one of these fancy travel tumblers, or test out any one of the other fabulous products Teami has introduced.

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