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An Amazing “Year in the Life”: Thoughts on the return of Gilmore Girls

Euphoria. Heartache. Fun.

Twelve hours later and there was never a dull moment in the lives of the citizens of Stars Hollow. Everyone was just as we had left them – Bootsy still ran the newspaper and magazine stand; Taylor still has his soda shoppe and the market; Gypsy is still keeping that old Jeep Wrangler running; Patty still teaches dance…everything is as it was in 2007.

It’s like we never left. Home is still where the heart is and my heart still beats strongly inside the gazebo of Stars Hollow. Watching Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino’s dream come true – hearing those four final words spoken was as much a miracle to me as it was to them.

When you watch Gilmore Girls, you ultimately end up contemplating your own life journey. It is  a very natural occurrence. Tonight, as my sister and I finished watching Summer and Fall, I could not help but think “god, I wish Aunt Jeanine were here to watch this with us.” My aunt loved this show and I know that she would have been waiting up till three o’clock in the morning to begin the binge, just as my sister and I had.

In 2007, when I lost the Gilmores…I also lost my aunt. She was young; I was young. One was a living, breathing woman and the other was my fictional family in television land – characters designed on a page of printer paper. In a way, I do not think I quite understood the grief that I felt after losing her. Watching this revival and dealing with the death of Edward Hermann/Richard Gilmore, has helped me a little more with her death because with this show…it is as if no time has passed, and I lost them both simultaneously.

I felt my eyes getting heavier as tears filled their corners each time the front doors to the Gilmore home opened up.

Although the revival used every second to tug at the heartstrings of viewers, it never forgot its roots – humor. This family has lost one of its pillars and, in a way, they lost themselves. The collective existential crisis ended up bringing all of the characters together in such a touching way. It brings me comfort to know that my beloved, fictional family is only human after all.

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