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For the past four months, I have been working as a Personal Stylist with Dia&Co!

What does that mean?

Well, it means that every day I get to spread radical self-love through style.

What does THAT mean?

Self-love through style = loving yourself because you give your personality wings by trying clothing styles that you might avoid in the store. It means finding you inside of yourself.

It means loving yourself no matter what society might think or feel.

Slowly but surely, I am getting to a place where I love me for me because I have FINALLY found clothes that not only flatter my curves but play on my personality. You might not believe me when I say this, but clothes actually have a huge impact on your emotional status.

Picture this:

It’s a Saturday morning. You put on jeans, not just any jeans, but your least favorite pair. Why would you wear those? Well, because your favorite pairs are all dirty and await laundry day. So, now, you are stuck wearing your fat jeans to the mall. These jeans are really loose in the waist and you are constantly pulling them up because a belt will just make things worse. You pair them with what is normally your favorite tee shirt, your security tee shirt. But it turns out that when you pair your favorite tee shirt with your least favorite, end-of-days jeans you end up hating the whole outfit. 

Too late to change now. No matter what you do with your hair, no matter how much makeup you cake onto your cheeks, you just HATE the way you look. 

Imagine having to wear these jeans for a week!

Cut to next Saturday:

You are decked out in your best skinny jeans, a tank top, layered underneath an adorable plaid button down, and you pull out your absolute favorite jacket. Look in the mirror – No cake today. Just a touch of blush and a dab of mascara. You have not washed your hair but you aren’t worried. You step into your fiercest pair of ankle boots and you are on your way out. 

See what your favorite clothes can do for your confidence mood? Total confidence booster!

Since I have started working at Dia&Co, I have filled my closet full of clothes that I finally feel fabulous in. I am more confident in front of a crowd now than back when I was in Catholic High School and all the girl’s wore the same thing. I have so much confidence that I actually attended my five-year high school reunion rocking my new favorite fit/flare dress.

Before this job, I never knew that plus-size could mean something so much more.


Take a look and tell me.

Don’t I look fantastic?

Wearing a cropped top for the first time. You can’t tell it is cropped in the picture, but it is.


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