Anything Else

Finding my way through

A little less than  a month ago, I started this amazing career with Dia&Co as a Stylist, and I feel so amazing! My job description is simple – “To Inspire Radical Self-Love Through Style.”

Take a moment to really let that sink in.

That is such a powerful mission statement, and I am so empowered by it. That is the point. When I come into work each morning, yes…I have goals I need to hit and certain things I need to accomplish, but the most important aspect of my job is to inspire love, confidence, and self-respect within my customers and myself.

Before finding this company -the Dia family, I felt lost.

I was beaten down by the rejections and the feeling that I was not wanted.

“Sorry, but…we went with a better-qualified applicant. Feel free to apply for other positions, though.”

Thanks for playing.

Dia opened their arms and embraced me as an employee, as an agent of change, and as a weapon in the fight against size discrimination. Every morning, I walk into my office, and I am excited to start my day. I open up my Dia dashboard, and I cannot wait to meet my new customers for the day. These women lead amazing lives and they should be exalted rather than made to feel worthless – like they should be hidden away.

Dia&Co is a godsend to plus-size women because we do not see size. We only see the determination and personal style of our awesome clients. They are daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers…they are amazing powerful women. All they need is to know that are loved and respected, and I am a part of that movement.

I am in awe.

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