Anything Else

The rest is still unwritten

The beauty of having a Spotify premium account is that I can create playlists and save them forever. Well…as long as forever is the rest of my life, but in the digital age forever could mean “until the end of next month”.

I was going through a playlist that I have from three summers ago. After a morning of tough workout sessions and a hard-earned shower, I would settle in and watch the Retro MTV marathon of The Hills. Any girl worth her salt knows that the opening song to that show was Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten”.

Whether or not The Hills was scripted or unscripted (it was totally scripted though), the song acts as a call to action for young girls and women. It reminds us that our lives are a blank canvas; we have to be the soldiers who fight through moments of weakness and self-doubt. We need to create goals for ourselves and make mistakes. If no one ever made a mistake, then there would be no personal growth or learning experiences.  We need to let go of what holds us back from living life because life stops for no one.

“No one else can speak the words on your lips…live your life with arms wide-open…today is where your book begins”.

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