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Big, beautiful bras

Last night, I was just scrolling through Facebook, when I saw an article posted by Refinery29, “The Best Bras for Big Boobs”. I clicked on it and started looking at the endless list of gorgeous but expensive bras. I thought to myself, “Why in the world would I buy a bra directly from that designer’s website?” Most of the bras on that list were $65 and up. Who has that much money for a piece of lingerie that will be stretched out and beyond salvation, within a year?

As a well-endowed woman, I am a loyal brand kind of girl. I buy strictly from Lilyette. Those bras have never let me down. Often-times they are $40 at Macy’s, but they are normally included in any big sale that Macy’s is holding. Lilyette is just perfect for me because they fit comfortably, they have a great selection of sizes, their underwire is not quite so oppressive, and NOW I have discovered them on Amazon…for $12 a bra! How perfect is that?

My question to the fashion industry – Why is a woman’s necessary undergarment so grossly overpriced? I understand that there are cost products and expenses for the material needed to make the bra and the price of labor. Lilyette, for example, produces its bras in Indonesian sweatshops (which is a whole other topic…it is best to not get me started on the under-paid and mistreated workers). So, my question is why do consumers have to practically go broke to purchase bras when clothing companies are paying next to nothing to mass produce their products in third world countries? Why do I have to resort to internet shopping to get the deals? Is it Macy’s that jacks up the prices? Should I stop shopping at Macy’s in order to save myself $30?

Best Bras for the Well-Endowed

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