I Dub Thee…Deleted

As a child, I was friends with just about every one of my classmates. Then, as you get older and go through the motions of finding your clique or becoming the fifth grade loner, you eventually notice that your “friends list” has dwindled from about thirty to three. No, there was no fight or heart to heart. You just simply floated from one group to the next, and so on.

In the year 2001, if someone no longer spoke to me, they neither scheduled play-dates nor invited me to her birthday party; she would not message me in AOL chat rooms; she would not let me sit with the cool people outside the red tool shed on the playground. That is how things were done. The ultimate shunning.

When did we start physically deleting our friends? Now, when someone I am friends with decides she no longer wants that privilege, I have to dig through contacts, old photos, all my social networks, my email list and delete that person from my memory. Well…not my memory, of course, just the memory on my phone. If you do not do this within one week of putting the major kibosh on said friendship, then you are committing social suicide. You need to make the public statement that she and I are no longer friends. The only thing more embarrassing than staying virtual friends with that person is re-sending a friend request to someone once unfriended.



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