Anything Else

The Longest Week

It’s a Wednesday night.

I am sitting at home, with my family, watching Chicago P.D., but I am dead tired. Today, I went to work with my mom. It was another long day at the office, but at least I made some money. I spent Monday and Tuesday running in and out of Manhattan. Over $100, wasted, on subway fares and Long Island Rail Road tickets. Worst of all, I now have to send the LIRR a check for $4.00 because I had an off-peak ticket and the train I was on just switched to the peak schedule.

Ridiculous, but I would much rather just pay the $4.00 than pay for a whole new train ticket. I think that if I end up getting a job in Manhattan that I need to ride the N6 to Jamaica and just hop the subway. No joke. The LIRR is way, way too expensive for me.

It’s not even worth it these days. The LIRR is so unreliable. Everyday, I get alerts about trains shutting down, delays, and track problems at particular stations. How many times do trains stop running from Jamaica to Penn Station? or from Jamaica back to Long Island?

Yesterday, I spent the day in the city, up near Park Avenue, observing a Corporate Trainer for a marketing firm. It was kind of fun because I had the chance to meet a lot of great business owners in the area.

I just really want a job. I want to make money. I want to save money. I want to go to FIDM, design hand bags, write a few books, and then retire early.

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