Anything Else

All I need

Today, I learned something.

I learned that I love learning things. My aunt had me over her house today to help her un-decorate and pack up her Christmas decorations. She and I decided to have tea; I chose Breakfast in Paris, a black tea. While the tea was steeping in the pot, we read the ingredients for this tea – it is a blended black tea with lavender, bergamot extract, and vanilla extract.

Bergamot extract, comes from the Bergamot Orange (citrus bergamia); it is native to Calabria Italy, the south of France, and the Ivory Coast, but it is named after the town Bergamo, Italy. The fruit itself is extremely toxic, but also incredibly bitter. Bergamot extract has been used in perfumes, teas, and before 1995, it was in certain sunscreen brands, before it was discovered to cause melanoma. It has also been found to be an important ingredient in the infamous Turkish Delight. Breakfast in Paris tea is my absolute new favorite! Look at all these amazing facts you can discover just by having a hot cup of tea.

I learned that I do not have to be afraid to speak my mind because that is who I am; it is who I have always been. For months, I have been hiding my feelings away and now I am ready to explode and scream and yell. Well tonight, I let go of the bumper. I texted my boyfriend and told him how upset I feel about how he has been treating me, and I do not feel bad about it.

I learned that sometimes I have to put myself before others, no matter how much I do not want to.

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