Anything Else

Wake up call

Good morning, good people of the inter-web! How are we this morning?

I woke up before my alarm this morning, for the first time in a whole week. I have been so impossibly sick. It seems like I may never start to feel better. The only improvement is that I once again have conquered the stuffy nose. I can breathe normally, through both nostrils, with the help of nightly doses of Nyquil. Now, I have this horrible cough that only rears its ugly head every few hours. Not bad.

I feel semi-rejuvenated this morning. Perhaps it is because all of my bill payments went through? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have paid for my five-hour drivers course? It could also be the fact that my fantastically straightened hair is also fabulously soft because of the deep conditioner I have been using. I mean, really, it is just so soft. It falls perfectly in place and feels good on my head. Long, straight hair always feels good, but today we feel especially amazing. Here is a little tip from me to you: if you are growing your hair out, but if you love applying heat to your hair (as I do), then use a deep conditioner in replacement of your normal conditioner. Do not do this if you wash your hair everyday (which you should not). Try and only shampoo your hair twice a week because shampoos have all sorts of terrible chemicals in them that cause deteriorating effects on hair (unless this is only something I have experienced). My split ends have almost vanished with the routine I developed. Also, I have a huge rotation of shampoos because I am addicted to buying hair products. Not really addicted, but…I have a lot of hair products.

Next week, when my cold has cleared up, I am rebooting my workout/hygiene schedule; I am really excited for this! I have been cooking up a storm lately so this whole new life plan is exhilarating to me.

Catch ya later!


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