Anything Else

Three in the morning and the words start falling.

Last night, I spent a magical four hours watching Audrey Hepburn in two of her greatest films: Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I had never seen Roman Holiday before, but it was perfection. At the end of the second film, I suddenly found myself writing out the first draft for a short story. I typed almost 1,000 words in a little less than half an hour. I wish that could have been the case when I was still in school. Back then, thirty minutes would have created one paragraph, if even that much.

After lots of editing and re-working, I think this could be my second best short story ever written. It is about a girl and her mental journey while riding the Metro-North. Nothing could ever beat my original work, “Just Like Breathing”. It was too perfect.

This is my last weekend in New York, until Christmas. On Tuesday night, I will board a Brussels Airlines plane and fly far away to Prague. I am so excited to be getting some time away from the country and my life for just a little bit. I need this break. Things have been so stressful between dealing with my family, my messy relationship, a lack of friends, and a lack of employment. I am hoping to have the employment issue solved before take-off, but if not then maybe by the time I return to America. I am waiting to hear back on this amazing internship opportunity that I interviewed for. If I am selected, it will mean really awesome things for my future. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Before I go, I have to post my hygiene and beauty tips blog. I know I promised last weekend, but I had some adjustments I wanted to make to it. I promise. It will be epic!

There are so many things I have to get done before I leave, and that is definitely high on the list. It is right under pay all bills, but just above vacuum and dust the room.

I think this trip could be good for my relationship. Maybe, if he does not have easy access to me, then he will miss me a little more than he does. Right now, I do not know what else I can do. I think it is all on him to prove how much he wants me in his life.

Zachary, if you read this (but you probably will not) just know that I love you and will miss you while I am away, but I need actions and not just words. Long distance relationships were never meant to be easy.

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