Late nights

Tonight I watched the film Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer, and although I have fought against Amy fever, I actually enjoyed the movie. Bill Hader made me laugh, Amy Schumer made me cry, and over-all Lebron James was pretty cool. I am not here to review it, nor do I want to take the risk that any little detail will spoil the entire movie for some other poor soul, such as myself, who has not watched it yet because she refuses to pay the outrageous prices at a real movie theater. Google Play is my theater for the sweet price of a $2.99 rental, for the next 48 hours.

I cried because my relationship is on the rocks and she showed me that it is okay to be scared to take the risks that a relationship requires, just as long as you realize when it is time to jump. I immediately texted the boyfriend and tearfully typed out the thoughts I have and needed to share with him.

I went down some extremely dark paths this past year; I can only hope that I will never revisit them. I know that I was meant to take those steps, to follow those dark hallways, but I was also destined to escape them and fight my way back into the light. Senior year of college was a tough time for me, but I think that, all things considered, I handled it “like a boss”.

Amy Townsend (Amy Schumer) of Trainwrecked, has everything I want out of life: kick-ass New York City apartment, a wall of books, and an amazing career as a writer and almost editor, for a top magazine. Tim Foote once said, “Everyone needs an editor”. Despite popular belief, an editor does not simply edit. The editor must delegate article assignments, learn the strengths of her team members, meet major corporate deadlines, etc. So, yes, the editor does edit the work of her journalists, but she is important for more reasons than those.




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