Anything Else

Big Sister’s Mirror

Tonight was my younger sister’s college dance concert. I was getting ready, in my room, and checked my outfit over for imperfections in the mirror behind my bedroom door.

I hated it. I could see the rolls of fat hiding behind my black blazer, falling over the top of my jeans waistband. Rather than change outfits, I chose to inspect my clothes more thoroughly in my older sister’s mirror that she left in her room when she moved out – five years ago!

Perfection. Suddenly the outfit was beautiful, best one all week. It is strange how a change in location changed all of my terrible thoughts about the clothes I stuck onto my body into wonderfully, chic ideas. I practically patted myself on the back at how good I looked.

Over the summer, I caught my younger sister checking over her outfit in our older sister’s mirror. So, I say to her, “What’s wrong with your mirror?”I felt like a hypocrite for even asking because I know that I do exactly the same thing every single day. I cannot leave the house until I have inspected every inch of my outfit in, not just my own mirror, but in big sister’s mirror.

So, my younger sister turns to me and says, “Oh, I already looked in my mirror, but I like to look in this one too. For some reason, everything looks better in this mirror.” How crazy is that?

People already think we are twins, and we are always speaking in sync, so it is understandable that we think the exact same thing even when we get dressed.

There are four of us in total. My older sister (long since moved out and soon to be wedded), my younger sister the theater major who worked for Disney Theatrical Group this past summer, and still speaks like she is employed there, my baby brother who is as big as a Great Dane and is college bound next fall. Finally, there is me the recent college grad, unemployed, part-time writer and part-time searching for a job in Publishing.

I have always admired my older sister. When I was a kid, I wanted to be her, and sometimes I still find myself thinking “Man, I wish I was more like her.” She just makes everything look so easy in life. Even though I have the biggest bedroom in the whole house, I always wanted to move into her room. Maybe I was hoping to catch whatever brilliance was lingering in her airspace. Her mirror is even enchanted, and I can prove it because after standing in front of mine for twenty minutes and then deciding that I hate an outfit, my eyebrows, my legs, etc…I will go into her room and give myself one more shot, with her mirror, and miraculously I love my outfit, my face is gorgeous, my legs do not look like chicken thighs, and my hair is perfection. There is something magical about that mirror – Big Sister’s Magic Mirror.

Now that I am older and only a pinch wiser, I love the things that I have. I love my room the way it is and the furniture and things that are in it. I actually plan on taking all of my furniture when I move, except for the bed. That bed is older than I am and I am afraid that I may break it. I might take the mattress though. It is so comfortable…plus, it is actually from my older sister’s bed. I traded my old dilapidated one for her newer one last year. Only the bed frame stays. The desk, dresser, stackables, and hope chest can all come with me to Casa de Stephanie…wherever that will be.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want that bookcase, but I am never getting it. My sister will probably take it when she buys a house. I will just have to swipe it from her kids when I am old and grey, and none of them need it.

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