A European Excursion

There are precisely 46 days until I board the Brussels Airlines flight from JFK Airport to Brussels and onward Prague. I am completely stoked for this trip! I have been planning it with one of my best friends for almost a whole month now. Yesterday, I received the email stating that my employee tickets have been confirmed for the December 15 flight. Matthew is meeting me in Brussels for our continuing trip to Prague, Vaclav Havel Airport. Our hotel is in Stare Mesto, Old Town, Prague. It’s right on the river. I have been attempting to learn a little bit of Czech, before the trip. It is so hard to learn a new language. I am so incredibly confused.

Matthew has been in Edinburgh, Scotland for almost three months.

I miss him like crazy.

We text just about every day on that WhatsApp thing. There is an app for everything these days, but this one seems to make the most sense to me.

For anyone who might not know what WhatsApp is, it is a program that allows you to text international numbers without racking up your cell phone bills. It has definitely come in handy, while he has been away.

Time moves insanely fast; I should probably create a checklist for myself, for before I embark on this vacation. There are so many things to plan and make arrangements for when you go away.

He and I will be in Prague for a few days, then we will catch a train to Vienna, Austria; then, we are back in Prague to finish out our trip.

Here are some things I have learned during this whole “travel agent” experience:

-It is crucial to book your hotel a few months to a few weeks before your arrival date. Hotels fill up fast.

-Expedia is like one-stop shopping for travelers.

-When traveling in Europe, train tickets are not available for purchase until at least 30 days before the date of travel.

Flying to Europe is definitely extremely pricey. If I had been unable to get an employee discounted ticket, then I would not be running off to Prague, in December.

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