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Alumna Status is No Fun

I am visiting my Alma Mater this weekend, and so far it has been fun. The only part that is not fun is the fact that I am staying in the dorms. It’s a bed, and it is warm, but I hate the feeling of people watching every single thing that I do. Now that I am on the outside, I understand how guests felt when I was the Resident Assistant.

This morning, instead of being asleep in bed, I had to wake up at 9:00 and go sit in the library, while my friend is working.

“Guests are not allowed to be left unaccompanied.” I am torn on how I feel about this rule. I once was in charge of enforcing it, but now…I think in the case of specific former students that it is silly.

So here I am. Awake and dressed and writing in the library.

There is a Men’s Soccer game today at 1:00 that I might go to. I have not been to a soccer game in a while, and I am unable to attend Fall Fest this year. This might be my only chance for the fall before the season is over.

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