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A Culture of Hate

Nicole ArbourYou know how on Facebook they have that whole section full of “trending topics” that most people do not actually pay attention to? Well, today, one of them caught my attention.

First of all, she has very little imagination because the whole “Dear (insert group of people whom you will now offend deeply with no remorse here) has been so overdone. This bothers me. The fact that she does not see what she did wrong bothers me. Why do comedians feel the need to be mean? Why do Americans support comedians that make a living by offending people? While I understand that we have a First Amendment right to free speech, I do not understand why people with such an influence do not use it for good.

“Dear Fat People” is just an excuse to show off her apparent disgust for people who suffer from obesity. I am one of them. I am not as large as some people suffering from obesity are, but I have struggled to maintain and lose weight my entire life, and it is a struggle. So, Nicole Arbour, I apologize that I cannot be as skinny as you are. But you know what? I love food. I love every single carbohydrate that I eat, every dessert as I scarf it down, and I definitely enjoying sipping on large sodas until the last drop. You are missing out.

Despite how angry I am with Nicole Arbour, I am proud of Youtube for recognizing how awful her video was and removing it. Thank you. I will not have to boycott you now.

Nicole talks about how “fat shaming” is something made up by fat people. It is not a made up thing; it is you being discriminatory. How would you like it if someone said you were too thin, or you looked anorexic, or bulimic? How would you feel if someone said to you “I cannot be seen with you because you are too thin.” or “You are so thin that it’s disgusting.” I bet you would not feel great about yourself, and actually, it would not cause you to want to gain weight, it would cause you to hate yourself, and lose more weight.

I want to lose weight; I want to lose 150 lbs, but I am not going to surrender my happiness just so I can look like you and still be unhappy because it is clear that if you need to mock people for their weight, then you are the offended party.

You’re a bully, and right now there is probably someone ready to take his or her own life because of the cruel things you say and encourage. Fat shaming is neither helpful nor encouraging. So please, do not speak to what you know absolutely nothing about. You pay attention to your own body, and let us fat people pay attention to ours.


Nicole Arbour – Fat Shaming

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