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Baby Eagle Spreads His Wings

My brother is a Boy Scout. He is currently working on his Eagle Project which involves painting five rooms inside the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, in Elmont, New York. The rooms were white, to begin with, and now we have gone a shade darker this time, to quote Frasier. It’s a mess, and there are boy scouts of all sizes moving around with paint brushes and rollers. They are actually pretty excellent workers though. They are the most professional looking group of teenage painters that I have ever seen.

I just cannot believe that he is working towards his Eagle Award. Yesterday, he was a Tiger Cub Scout, and now he is a big, fluffy old Eagle. Crazy how the animal kingdom works, but hey…who am I?

It has been fun for me as well because this is something that a future boyfriend or spouse and I can do together, as we build a home together. One day, I want to walk around with the giant paint swatch in purse and debate over colors, for hours, and then finally paint the room myself. I just wish we had more than three days for the project because then I could come up with like a stencil or something, to paint on the walls. It is so dreary, in the Food Pantry. They need to brighten the place up a little.

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