Anything Else

Something Crazy


Come here, and lean in close so I can whisper a secret to you.

For the first time in…ever…I am happy. My facial expressions may not tell you that I am, but I am. Deep inside me, there is this giant, giddy, giggly bubble of happiness that I want to share with the world and shout from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Everest was so last season…).

It is not just because I have a fantastic boyfriend who is totally and completely enamored with me. I think it is because I have been making some simple life changes. What those are, I could not tell you. I should make a list:

  1. Cleaner room. (It’s quite a process. Fifteen years in the making.)
  2. A more mature-ish room (So I re-arranged some furniture and fixed up my desk. Also, my closet looks different to me.)
  3. I have this delicious Yankee Candle Cranberry Pear fragrance sphere. My room smells amazing. Please, come and give it a sniff.
  4. I recently re-organized some books.
  5. Also, I have read five books, in the past two weeks. I am pretty jazzed about that.
  6. How could I forget my Zachary?! Do you think he will be mad that he is sixth on the list? Sorry, baby. 🙂
  7. Finally, my workstation/office space/ writer’s corner is set up! My desk has been cluttered with random slips of paper, newspapers, birthday cards, pens, bags…ugh! It was a mess; now it is not, and I can sit here and finally, finally get to work on my novel.

It seems to me that I have so many things to make me happy. And…I am. I am delighted. Now that I have potential employment, I think the road only gets more comfortable from here. I will join the real world and go to work and make money. Eventually, I will get my own apartment, but maybe, just maybe, I should enjoy the perks of being in my home for just a while longer. Once you leave the nest, there is no moving back in. Plus, if I live at home for a while, I can learn how to cook, and do laundry in a real washer, and save money.

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