Anything Else

My mother truly does know best

My mother was right.

She always is, but no matter how many times she repeats that to me, no matter how much I fight to prove her wrong…

She’s right.

The process of applying began in June; I have been feeling bummed because, until last Thursday, I heard nothing from anyone.

I have applied to over 100 jobs since starting this grueling process, and out of 100, I heard back from 5. Last Thursday, the offers started rolling in, and now I have too many options, too many suggestions. I am unsure of what to do.

Should I hold down two part-time PA jobs? Perhaps, I should just have one part-time and search for a brilliant full-time one. I am already promised as a Part-time PA to one wealthy New Yorker. Maybe I should wait to hear back from Scholastic. I would kill to work in Publishing since I have only been dreaming about that since…when did that become my dream?

Here’s a thought:

When we are children, there three choices: Police Officer, Firefighter, Doctor. Well, when I was a child, I wanted to be a Librarian. Books have always been my passion. I want to one day sleep in a bed altogether, and entirely surrounded by books – books on shelves, books in piles, books in drawers under my bed, BOOKS! They must be in my life, for they are the clothes I wear and the language I speak; without them, I shall die.

How did I go from wanting so desperately to be a Librarian to wanting to work in Publishing? I cannot place when and where the train switched tracks. Some part of me thinks I changed my mind in high school, but when?

I always hear people say that writers should not work in Publishing because they begin to loathe the thought of writing anything down, but I feel like that must be false – unless you do not actually love writing. A writer should only write if she loves doing it, otherwise, what is the point?

In the end, this goes down, on the score sheet, as a win for my mother.

She was right. The minute the summer was coming to close responses would begin rolling in because the fall is ready for us.

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