NYC Adventures

Fuerza Bruta NYC

A pitch black room, no seats to rest your weary bodies, and continuous movement when the “stage hands” signal you – silently.

Two weeks ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, when my sisters invited me to see this show called Fuerza Bruta, I recall my older sister telling me that I would be paying $66 to see dancing, music, and no talking. Immediately my brain said, “Oh my god. What did you just pay for?” I never thought I would walk away wanting to see it again. Take a look at this trailer for it. It does not do the show justice at all. Click here and be curious…


This show was more than music, dancing, and no talking; it was a different experience. From start to finish, the show was interactive and I felt almost as if someone had slipped me some kind of hallucinogenic drug. The room was full of lights and drumming and chanting.There was a man running on a conveyor belt, two feet in front of me. Twice he got shot…not really…and twice he broke through a wall of empty boxes that exploded towards the crowd. There is this part where he is walking against a crowd of other actors, on the conveyor belt, which symbolizes to me that there are some of us that just go through life without noticing anything is in front of us or behind us, and some people are born to go against the flow. He tossed furniture and one point he was carrying a bed, before some undue force attempted to take it from him.
There were girls swimming above our heads and people jumping through the air (all on wires, of course), but it all felt so real. I think that if it went on longer than the 80 minutes that it lasted for, my jaw may have fallen off in amazement. It only would have added to the effect of the performance. This show was all about the smoke and mirrors, but it works only in its favor. By the time the rain started falling, I joined in the tribal dance that seemed to be happening, and I forgot all about the fact that I just stood for 80 Manhattan minutes. This was the perfect Friday evening for three sisters to be together.

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