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The Creative Mind: A final definition

This post is a little bit different from the rest of mine because this one is for school. It is the culmination of all my previous definitions of creativity throughout this class that I plan to work with during my life as a creative spirit, as a writer.

Creativity is happiness…pure, unadulterated happiness. It is every single happy thought I feel when the cards turn in my favor. It is also the sadness that my diary feels when the world falls apart. 

It is the tears that I feel build up inside and eventually come pouring out. Sometimes our creativity can be our biggest heartbreak, as we feel the pain sweep through our bodies. 

Creativity is a single force that keeps the air circulating in my lungs. 

 Creativity is about breaking the rules and creating your own status quo. Follow everyone else’s rules all your life and you die. It means trusting your instincts and allowing you to feel the emotions of a thousand people all at once.  You can’t live your life until you use your imagination and your creativity to start your own world. 

SONY DSCTake a look at this picture. What do you see? I see a girl who re-purposed her balloons into confetti as she tosses them up into the air without a care in the world. I also see a girl taking a moment to just run through the fields and jump up in excitement. I see happiness and fun. This picture is my definition of creativity, but in my definition, I also offer examples of the opposite of it because we can be creative at our highest and our lowest points. Maybe those balloons were part of a decoration scheme that she has now run off with. Breaking the rules and running away from the conventional existences are a very important part of being a creative mind.

The link I entered above…you should definitely click on it and listen closely to what the speaker is saying to you. He talks about school killing the creative minds of its students because knowing scientific facts and figures and learning about the United States historical background are much more important than building your imagination and utilizing your creative thoughts and actions. Children are the most creative and most imaginative people on this planet and that is simply because they ask questions. They ask questions that they just want to know answers to and their follow-up question is always “Why?” Children are not afraid to be wrong or to ask a “stupid” question which makes them the strongest kinds of people. I wish that I could have as much courage and confidence as children do. Even now, as a college senior, I fear the answers to questions I ask and I usually shy away from even asking a question that I have convinced myself is dumb.

We watched this film all about Picasso and how he works. I went into it thinking, “Why were we assigned this horrid video?” I cued up the link to the film and I was fascinated with what I saw happening before me. Picasso just paints and draws what comes to him and if he changes his mind in the middle, then he just rolls with the punches. In the very first scene, his process begins with a marker and a blank canvas and he just draws whatever his hand and brain leads him to draw. He is indecisive as most creative minds are. It seems that each color he added was a deliberate choice. Each color makes each individual part stand out in the composition: purple land, yellow sunset, teal horizon, black shading for the people.

k_stanislavsky_001Another brilliant, creative mind we explored in class was Constantin Stanislavski. He was a Russian actor and theatre director and he had (in my non-actors mind) very Thornton Wilder-esque directorial ideas.

 At the end of this course, I will be interacting with creativity on a daily basis. I do this already. In order to be a college student or just an adult in modern society, you must be able to multi-task even though it has been proven that the mind cannot truly devote equal time to multiple tasks at once. Being a multi-tasker means to be creative because you design ways to get all of your work done at the same time and done appropriately across the board.

Maybe I am a dreamer or maybe I am crazy, but I know I am not the only one who thinks this; creativity leads to happiness and happiness is creativity. If every single person in the world shared their creative thoughts or processes with one other person, then maybe we could put a stop to all the hate and anger that has flared up in this country. If we use happiness with creativity then maybe we change the attitudes of billions and see that violence and hate can be stopped by creative thoughts and ideas.

I was watching television with my family over the holidays and this Glade commercial comes. There is this beautiful voice belting out the words “Let there be peace on earth” as he sits behind a piano. I went on youtube and found the entire music video and in hearing the whole song and seeing the video I knew at that moment that that is what I want to use my creative skills for. I want to create peace in the world because with peace everything else falls into place. Kevin Ross, Jordin Sparks and all the rest of the amazingly talented creative minds that have sung this song for Glade have inspired a generation of creative peacemakers. If you make something look beautiful, people will want it. Please…watch this video and tell me that you don’t agree. I dare you.

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