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To Write…

For me, writing can be as easy as breathing or harder than candy corn after Halloween. I have chosen to embark on this journey that will end with me earning the title Novelist. Writing is so fickle because there will be days where your brain is filled with great ideas and interesting points of dialogue. Then, there are the days where the brain is dried up, tired and void of any creative thoughts.
October started on a high note for me. I completed my very own short story, shared it in my Composing Process class and received rave reviews with some begging for more to the story. Here is my philosophy; if you are going to write, then do it. Don’t hide behind the fear of rejection or the possibility for constructive criticism. Yes, there is such a thing as author’s choice, but please be open to the idea of accepting feedback from those who are kind of to read the mutterings of a mad writer. You never know what reactions you will get.
There are no standards for writers. It is not like writing a term paper where you have to write in MLA, APA, or Chicago formatting. Writers can create their own form, their own set of rules. I went on Tumblr tonight, and this is what I found. It is a quote by W. Somerset Maugham.
No one knows the rules because there truly are no rules. Writing is not something that can be boxed into a structure. So…here are my three rules for all of you future writers that might be reading this:
Be Creative. Be Brave. Be Confident.
It has taken me years to figure this out, but I am starting to. It is never too late. If you want to make it in the world as literary figures, then remember these three things and you will be fine.

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