The Ache in Heartbreak

There’s this guy…oh who am I kidding. There is always a guy. I really like him. He is amazingly funny and sweet when he wants to be. His smile takes me to another galaxy and his laugh gives me chills. The only problem is that I don’t know that he feels the same about me or could ever think these things about me.

I wonder how I can find out. Some girls are just born knowing how to woo a man’s heart and catch his attention. I really really like him though and I think we could be amazing together. Everyone keeps telling me to just let it go and that he is not worth it.

I think he is more than worth it, that’s the problem. The thing is though, I do not want to get my heart broken again. I don’t know that I could recover from it like I have in the past. Maybe I just need to try to be more of a friend to him, hang out with him more, talk to him.

Where’s my fairy godmother to help me get my man?

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