I love this! This made me so happy. The world could use a little more peace in it

Good Vibes

The most feared word in most people’s vocabulary is change. Change may be a difficult thing when dealing with an inconvenience to one’s life, but think about the flip side. Imagine never changing from those awkward middle school years where your hair was never quite right and you had food stuck in your braces. Imagine maintaining your label from high school whether it was nerd, jock, cheerleader, or band geek. Change can be wonderful; change allows you to become whoever you want to be. Most of us are still finding our way in this world, but without frequent changes we could never become who we are meant to be. Whoever that is, right?

About a week ago was International Peace Day which was September 21st. This day began with one man’s dream for international peace; a day for all countries to cease fire and end violence. Jeremy Gilley persisted on…

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