Anything Else

Paying Your Respects

I have returned from my 24-hour stint in NYC: shuttle, Metro-North, the 4 train, with a switch at 161st Street stop in the Bronx to the D train, and six blocks to the apartment. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Immediately my brain knows what to do and where to go. No matter how tired my body is, the adrenaline keeps it moving. Making the journey from Grand Central to Harlem and back to Grand Central, in a 24 hour period, is kind of its own special version of success.

My sister met me in Grand central and together we traveled to Harlem to go and say goodbye to the beautiful apartment my sister has had for the last four years. Rachel and Gillian moved in there in September of my senior year of high school. Now, she has moved in with her fiance, and will most likely get her own place when they get married.

The night consisted of Cards Against Humanity, Magnolias cupcakes, Mexican food and mass quantities of alcohol as we attempted to ensure that nothing would go to waste. It was a night of drinks that looked like something mixed with something. I think it is safe to say that experimentation was the theme for the night.

A night of drinking on the floor was followed up by sleeping on the floor, a direct result of there being no more furniture in the apartment. A bed made of hardwood and a pillow like a slip and slide. I am definitely not 10 years old anymore and my body completely objected to the floor idea.

I woke up 7 AM as my contorted body lifted itself from the floor and did the creeper shuffle to the bathroom. #Awkward

Saying goodbye to the apartment was hard, but it had to be done, mainly because I had a train to catch, but it would have been hard even with a whole day to do it in. There are so many memories in that place and I will never forget them. Hopefully, this new place brings all of us more memories than the last.

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